Wreake and Soar Valley AC training camp

On 13th April I headed out to Loret de Mar in Spain to offer sport massage support to Wreake and Soar Valley Athletics Club. It was a great few days working alongside the other therapist Tammy and Leicestershire based physiotherapist Brian Burrows.
The club took out both a sprints and endurance group to train for the week. There were 20-30 athletes overall and the group dynamic was fun and friendly.

It was a great opportunity for the young athletes to spend the week focusing on their athletics, and paying attention to their recovery both pre and post training sessions.

Sports massage was provided in a rather lovely environment beside the pool after breakfast and in between sessions in the early afternoon. We were also on hand track side to loosen off any muscles if needed during the sessions, and to support with drills and stretching.

Whilst the sun didn’t come out quite as much as we’d have liked, the group seemed to enjoy it all the same. It was a fantastic hardworking team to support and whilst there were some niggles across the week, hopefully no long term issues. I look forward to following the progress of the club in the coming season. They are sure to be on route for some outstanding performances


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